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    Friday night wants to stick a finger into a pot of smoky kohl, Saturday morning wants to wear its hair in a too-frou twist, and Sunday? Well, Sunday just wants to smell good. On your beauty marks, get set, race you to the weekend...
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Mini Blog, Micro Trend (or you never bring me flowers)…

Did I say micro? Think teeny-tiny, a mere speck of a trend, barely visible in fact. But c’mon, it’s peonies! And who doesn’t love a peony! Bobbi Brown does, see…* This is the limited edition Peony & Python Palette (£38) from the new Tibi collaboration, and a beautiful thing it is too, with a couple … Continue reading


Ok, so I’ve had some time off. Quite a lot of time off, in fact…like a month or summat? But I’m back and this time I reeeeaaaally mean it (those posts about orange eyeshadow, beige nails and happy pills never did materialise, did they?). Anyhow, I’m breaking myself back in with a few mini-blogs. This … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Actually that’s a big fat fib. This weekend, I didn’t try any of the stuff I’m about to rattle through in this (ahem) Monday morning round-up but I have (I promise) used it all at some point over the past few weeks…in some cases (take a bow, Bourjois) obsessively so and in others (stand up … Continue reading

Winter Body Post (And Giving Dry Skin The Elbow)

As curveballs go, red elbows is one I really didn’t expect. Disconcerting and not a little unattractive, no? If I was writing a fully-blown feature I’d probably call up a derm or summat, but it’s after hours and I’m drinking pinot grigio so there will be no expertise on tap this evening. Just me, me, … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Previously on Something Purty…remember that post about the swoopy-fringed ‘do at Rodarte? To be fair they’re not coming thick and fast right now so you won’t have to think back too far. Friday maybe? Anyhow, that hair…rumpled handfuls of the stuff, all thick, healthy and Virgin Suicide-like, untreated and undone. Here it is again, in … Continue reading

Another Short Post In Which Something Purty Is Embarrassingly Surprised When Something Actually Works Quite Well…

Wowee, but that’s some bee-yoo-tiful hair and make-up, no? I’ve been practising my swoopy fringe for a few weeks now and will let you know the minute I can pull it off without looking like a mentalist* but in the meantime I can offer you a sort-of-similar eye shadow. It’s not at all what was … Continue reading

Friday Post: Three Takes On Naked

Whoa there, I mean make-up, ‘kay? The naked face. As in nude lipstick, beige eyeshadow, barely-there foundation. Sheesh, I do one tiny post about getting your kit off way back in November and suddenly I’m Linda Lovelace? Not a day goes by without someone reaching Something Purty through search engine terms like ‘black silky thong’, … Continue reading

A short post in which Something Purty is blindsided by her own good advice…

I had an old friend round for dinner on Sunday and at some point over the course of the evening happened to brush the back of her hand with mine, which felt something like cracked tarmac in comparison. Apparently I impressed upon her the importance of daily body brushing* over five years ago and she’s … Continue reading

Friday Post…Pick Up A Palette

God, but make-up palettes used to be boring, didn’t they? Yet right now I have at least four or five of the latest limited editions up and running in my make-up trunk (yes I said trunk, what did you expect?), each more beautiful and (here’s the kicker) more wearable than the last – the kind … Continue reading

Blog To Self…

Do some work, for Purty’s sake! (and isn’t this Miller Harris Wallpaper in Pale Grey Pom Flower Damask, £75 a roll, the most cheering of back-to-the-office antidotes?)