Friday Post: Come Fly With Me


(Or How To Be The Burberry Girl)

So hands up who doesn’t want to be the Burberry Girl? Of course you do – and if it’s not the belted and buckled outerwear that’s reeling you in (it’s all about the coats, bags and boots, says designer Christopher Bailey) then it’s her air of cool insouciance, her barely-bothered-with make-up, and her rumpled-in-action, undone ‘do. Deliciously titled The Sexy Cadet by Burberry HQ, she’s urban, effortless and, well, all wrapped up nice and warm. Here at Something Purty (where we have been feeling a bit chilly of late) we reckon this makes her our first-ever poster-girl for the perfect weekend look, so we asked make-up artist Wendy Rowe and session stylist Neil Moodie how to muster up something approximating her apparently-easy appeal…

'Don't knock out all imperfections,' says Wendy.

Don’t Try Too Hard…

The thing about the Burberry girl, says Wendy, is that she looks like she just doesn’t care – and it all starts with a knocked-back base. ‘Don’t wear so much foundation that you wipe out your natural contours – a face-full of make-up isn’t cool or sexy.’ You know the drill – swipe something feather-light over the bits that really need it, tidy up blemishes and redness with concealer afterwards, then let your skin do its own thing. Way to glow.

Satin-finish foundation is your half-way house between shiny and matte. Try Burberry Luminous Fluid Foundation, £34, or Armani Face Fabric, £29 and hold the powder.

Grab Your Coat…

Bobbi Brown Pink Truffle

So here’s another thing about our coolly beautiful cadet: she knows how to make a go of the great outdoors. ‘She’s that girl about town who’s prepared to get a bit battered by the elements and let her natural tones shine through,’ says Wendy. You’ll get a bit of pink in your cheeks when the wind gets up, so swap your regular rosy blush for tawny-brown shades, worn just below the bone rather than high up on the apples. ‘You want to look windswept, not like you’ve been for a roll in the hay,’ says Wendy.

Wendy has that make-up artist’s thing for tinting cheeks with lipstick, but says a glossy cream blush will give a similarly see-thru finish. Try Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Brown, £15.50, or Pot Rouge in Pink Truffle, £16.50.

Pop Your Collar…

Burberry Pearl Grey

And oh, those collars! It’s good to have a bit of an eye going on you’re hiding the bottom half of your face behind some serious shearling, says Wendy, who darkens sockets every-so-slightly with a worn-down wash. ‘Silvery rose and pale grey shades add to the cool and nonchalant look, or try warm chestnut for something pretty and and more approachable.’ Flag up lashes with the barest lick of black, whisking them through with a scrupulously clean comb to remove any excess afterwards. ‘I like them to look almost as if there’s nothing there,’ she adds.

Try Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Rosewood and Pearl Grey, £22 each, with Shu Uemura Basic Mascara in Black, £19.50 (which won’t budge when the wind whips your tear ducts into a frenzy, promises Wendy).

Less Of Your Lip

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Nude Freshly Rose

‘When you’re wearing major textures around your face, you need to pare everything else back,’ says Wendy. ‘And with all that fur now’s not the time for a lot of gloss or a big red lip – that’s another girl about town entirely.’ Try moisturising lipsticks in next-to-nothing shades – the same tone as your natural lip or one stop darker.

For sheen not shine, try Burberry Lip Cover in Heather Rose or Antique Rose, £22 each, or L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Nudes Boosting Serum Lipstick, £8.49.

Tuck It…

‘I love the idea of tucking your hair into your collar and wearing it close to your face – it’s stylish but doesn’t look at all forced,’ says Neil. Create some heavy-hanging thickness with a texturising spray or two, then blow-dry to a straight-but-not-poker finish, using a flat paddle-brush and directing your hair forward as it dries.

A double-whammy of Bumble and bumble Prep, £13.50, and Thickening Spray, £21, will build body, protect your hair from the heat, and push its texture in the right direction before you begin to dry, says Neil.

Play The Part…

Positioning your parting slightly off-centre adds to the don’t-care air, says Neil. Then, bring out the Burberry Girl’s natural kink (and you just know she’s got one), by winding random strands (about a centimetre wide and the same in depth) around a fat-barrelled curling tong, working from the mid-lengths down to the ends and avoiding the roots. Finally, knock-out any just-washed freshness with dry shampoo, applied by spraying onto your fingers and working through.

WAM styling tools are about as premium (read pricey) as beauty hardware ever gets, but if you’ve got the cash, we do recommend them. In this case, try the Ceramic Curling Irons, £120, before massaging in a burst of Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo, £5.99 or Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, £37.


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