What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Earlier this year I wrote a book about hair. I learnt many things while writing that book, one of which being the importance of sectioning. For anyone who doesn’t know, sectioning involves dividing your hair into, well, sections. First into wedges taken from around your head in a kind of pie chart (like the cheeses in a … Continue reading

Caught By The Fuzz…

When the very wonderful and erudite catwalk and session stylist Malcolm Edwards says anything…anything at all…about what we’ll all be doing with our hair next season, we listen. Even if it involves crimping. Because, says Malcolm, crimping (especially when combined with a little bit of teasing) is the very best way to achieve the dry, … Continue reading

Friday Post: Some Basic (But Splendidly Helpful, I Hope) Winter Skincare

My face hasn’t been having much fun lately. A couple of weeks ago it shut up shop, pulled down the blinds and went home for the holidays, leaving nothing but a husk behind. Dull, dry and utterly lifeless. I made rather a lot of fuss about it at the time but in retrospect am not … Continue reading

Fantasy Weekend Washbag

Going Somewhere? Bobbi Brown Deluxe Travel Kit (£85) Diptyque Eau Duelle Solid Perfume (£28) Nars Beautiful Life Lip & Cheek Palette, £39

I’m Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas

There’s something about a Christmas make-up collection. They’re beautiful and all, but I always want to look rather than touch. This year has seen some of the prettiest and most wearable yet but I haven’t poked in as much as a single finger. Until now… Now that’s what I’m talking about. Observe the marshmallow pinks! … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week #1…..

There’s an insidious rumour in my family that I’m some sort of hippie. To which I say if you rear your child on a diet of early Yes and walking holidays in the Brecon Beacons, and never ever let them have crispy pancakes for tea, what do you expect? But Mum, Dad, I wear shoes … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Comfort was this weekend’s watchword. Not so much the complexion kind (though that one’s likely to run and run as I continue to battle with my weather-ravaged face…more of that on Friday) but the soul-soothing sort. I’d like to add that I don’t actually theme my weekends in the way of a Sophie Dahl cookery … Continue reading

Gratuitous Home Time Post…

  Because everyone loves an owl, don’t they?

Friday Post: Kay Montano’s Daytime Red Lip

There’s something about a red lip in the daytime. While I’d rarely wear red in the evening, a quick whip of scarlet on a Saturday afternoon is a non sequitur of a make-up gesture that I really love – a little bit unnecessary, and remarkably cheering when you’re grubbing around in jeans and a jumper. … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

At the risk of cannibalising a couple of posts I’m sitting on, I must tell you, this very instant, that you are nothing this Christmas…and I mean nothing…without Bobbi Brown Glitter Eyeliner in Gold (£14.50) and Metallic Lip Color in Jewel Red (£15.50). In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I have cut … Continue reading