Treat Of The Week!

Cowshed Mood Notebooks

I can’t look at these rainbow-toned beauties (£40 each) without thinking of Doris Lessing’s doorstop-sized tome The Golden Notebook, in which heroine Anna Wulf divvies up her diaries into four separate sections and records each in a different coloured book. I won’t take this particular line of thought much further because (if I remember correctly) Anna either went bonkers or turned to communism, and neither are appropriate to a blog about having lovely weekends and buying pretty things.

Anyway, they’re my favourite pick from new lifestyle brand Cowshed Living (of Cowshed spa fame) and go on sale here today, along with a super-soft pair of yoga pants (£24), a stupidly-cute toddler’s bath towel in the style of a baby cow (£16.50) and a set of mood-emblazoned knickers (£49).

Buy them and your weekends will be forever golden. Just not, hopefully, in that way.

2 Responses to “Treat Of The Week!”
  1. Hey you – lovely blog! Looking forward to catching up on your past posts and to future ones! x

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