What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Which of these makes me less of a beauty editor…cycling 55km to Kent and back in unfashionable trainers and ten year old jogging pants, or sinking a bottle of Rioja, a pumpkin risotto and an apple crumble in the pub afterwards? Whatever, I have a chapped face to show for it, and while the Rioja is heavily implicated, I really suspect the cycling (while I was allowed a lip balm stop, a moisturiser reapplication would have been frowned upon).

So, first up in Monday morning’s beauty debrief, and well worth including in your winter skincare arsenal, is Darphin Aromatic Renewing Balm (£39). The tiniest dab (left on overnight) has repaired all soreness, including the little rubbed-raw bit just above my upper lip, which has also suffered from repeated nose-blowing this weekend (hello first cold of the season). A mention here must also go to Darphin Purifying Balm (also £39), which can stave off monthly zit outbreaks if you remember to start slapping it on the minute you feel your hormones going beserk.

Mac Studio Sculpt

Next up, MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation (£22.50). This was first flagged up to me back in January by MAC’s very own Terry Barber, but it’s taken me this long to dig it out and put it on. ‘It’s where skincare and make-up meet, and will leave you looking well-prepped and flawless’, he promised…and he’s not wrong. Definitely one to remember when we all start talking about ‘expensive-looking’ skin come spring, this left mine looking creamy, plush and perfect…yet still very real. But what I really liked about it was its workability…I could push it about, blend it in and build it up until it looked just right, yet it never dried out, clogged up or started to cake or flake. And because it’s extra-creamy, I felt it picked up where the Darphin balm left off. Rarely do hydrating foundations deliver the non-drying properties they promise…but this one did.

Ojon Animated Styling Cream

And finally, Ojon Animated Styling Cream (£24.50). I have fine hair but a lot of it. Not straight, not curly, not even wavy, it’s just weird, wayward and dry. This gave it tousles, separation, root-boost and character. Like Aveda’s Pure Abundance but less ‘nappy’*, or Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine but less floppy. Later this week I’m going to try plastering on a bit more and seeing how much volume I can get out of it. I’ll let you know how I get on.

*The Aveda is unbeatable for scruffy-sexy bedheads, by the way, but definitely a ‘look-but-don’t-touch’ styling product. Buy it for deffs, but wear it in small doses and don’t (as I did) let your boyfriend anywhere near your head. ‘Directional’ texture is something he just won’t understand.

2 Responses to “What Something Purty Wore This Weekend”
  1. Charles says:

    You never mentioned the soup. Or the marmalade on toast.

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