Treat Of The Week (Part 2)!

On your right, a black sequined sweater from Top Shop. On your left, a trio of black-ish, sequined-ish nail lacquers, also from Top Shop. Please note the uncanny similarity between the two, and marvel when I tell you that a press release from Top Shop’s lovely beauty PR alerting me to the latter arrived the very second I’d heroically stopped mooning over the former (these are hard times, say my boyfriend bank statements).

The moral of today? If you are prepared to laugh in the face of synchronicity, you will write a post about make-up-being-the-next -best-thing, and buy nail paint, not pullovers. But if you are bathing in one-ness with the universe and ready to accept your destiny with grace, you will get back on the internet and buy both.

Job’s a good-un.

4 Responses to “Treat Of The Week (Part 2)!”
  1. Eloise says:

    Damn you Miss F…i HAVE to buy the jumper now, my nails are crying out for it! x

  2. Helen says:

    Ugh. Now I want all of the above. Must stop shopping.

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