Treat Of The Week!

At the risk of cannibalising a couple of posts I’m sitting on, I must tell you, this very instant, that you are nothing this Christmas…and I mean nothing…without Bobbi Brown Glitter Eyeliner in Gold (£14.50) and Metallic Lip Color in Jewel Red (£15.50). In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I have cut short my evening skincare routine to come back downstairs in my pajamas and tell you so.

Sharon Dowsett, possibly one of the most charming make-up artists ever known, recently recommended bedtime as the perfect window in which to play around with the more experimental products in one’s make-up box (hey, if it goes arse-over-tit you can just scrub it off and hop into bed, no harm done or freshly-applied foundation wasted) and tonight this festive duo were within easy reach.

Bobbi Brown Glitter Eye Liner

And that’s my 2010 party face sorted, right there. Imagine the glorious wink-and-flash of a handful of crumpled chocolate coin wrappers, then in your minds eye, effortlessly trace that imaginary sparkle along your upper lash line with a brilliantly controllable application tip. Then think, if it looks this good why not smoosh it all over your eyelids and (and this is the clincher) into the inner corners of each eye. The result? A dewy and wide-eyed look, but with an unmistakable it’s-Christmas-and-I’m-having-it vibe, too. Glitter for grown-ups (and if you’re lucky, a bit will get lodged in your lashes for extra-twinkly effect).

Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Colour in Jewel Red

The glamorous lipstick I really didn’t anticipate liking too much, but I was wrong. Imagine (for tonight I am the John Lennon of the make-up world) you could juice rubies? This has a subtly-spangled finish that could only be gotten from something magical of that sort, and leaves behind a luscious, lady-like stain with berry-blueish undertones and a lickety-split gleam. Glitter lip gloss for grown-ups, if you will.

So, Christmas make-up. As John Lennon also said, it’s easy if you try. He may have been talking about world peace rather than eyeliner, but y’know…let’s just…imagine.


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