What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

This morning’s post is held together with a great deal of self-pity, a couple of care packages and big dab of shea butter, so best not to look too closely as it’s liable to collapse at any second. Yup, Something Purty has been in the wars this weekend, and were it not for the following, I doubt I’d still be standing…

Crème de la Mer

Winter face-ache isn’t fun. On top of a streaming cold, I have been sporting an outbreak of cold sores. I tell anyone who listens that the very best remedy for these is a fat daub of Crème De La Mer, but at £92 a pop (and that’s just for the 30ml jar) am usually laughed right outta town. But let’s do the maths…if a tiny tube of Zovirax (the usual cold sore go-to) weighs in at £5.99 for 2 grams,  then a 30ml pot of the same would cost £89.85. Meaning that Crème De La Mer costs a measly 0.6p more per ml, and it works, both stopping them at the first tingle and healing them super-quickly. Zovirax is (as the name suggests) an anti-viral…I wonder if Crème has similar properties?

I also plan to get right back on a course of Lysine tablets, an amino acid that limits outbreaks when your immune system is compromised by illness or stress (you’ll find loads here, at the wonderful Victoria Health). And apparently, I must eat less chocolate, nuts and soy-products, as all of these can trigger an outbreak.

Steam Cream in Epris (out this coming February)

Constant nose-blowing has left the skin around my nose pink and peeling, so I’ve been using really simple creams to keep it well-lubricated.  I had very few of these in my life till I was given a beautiful little tin of Steam Cream (£10) last Wednesday (it’s my new beauty crush, so more on this another time). It’s unbelievably light and soothing, doesn’t sting my now-delicate nose and feels like a little piece of art in my pocket (the tin you see here is a limited edition and not launching til February, but there are other just-as-pretty designs available now).

Swapping tissues for old-school hankies has also been a skin-soothing (and environmentally-friendly?) revelation, and I’m now on the look-out for an aesthetically-pleasing equivalent to the big ol’ mens’ variety I am currently wielding. Answers on a postcard please…

The Minnehaha-esque FitFlop Soo

Finally, being pretty much housebound has left me feeling sluggish and listless. I can’t run, have put cycling on the back-burner, and really didn’t help myself by eating an awful lot of raw biscuit batter half-way through the week. The preview pair of moccasin-style FitFlops that arrived in the post on Friday morning has very much raised my spirits and will (I hope) do the same for my bottom. I’ve worn them around the house non-stop (very cosy, with satisfyingly-swinging fringing) but will step up (ahem) my game this week and take them outside.  They go on sale on December 17th at soletrader.co.uk and I think I love them.

2 Responses to “What Something Purty Wore This Weekend”
  1. Helen says:

    I love steam cream. I’ve got the one in the PPQ tin. It’s glorious. Feel better xx

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