Treat Of The Week #1…..

Miller Harris Fleur Oriental Incense

There’s an insidious rumour in my family that I’m some sort of hippie. To which I say if you rear your child on a diet of early Yes and walking holidays in the Brecon Beacons, and never ever let them have crispy pancakes for tea, what do you expect? But Mum, Dad, I wear shoes pretty much all the time these days. And you reap what you sow, see what I’m saying? But I will admit that I can’t resist a joss stick, especially these musky-smoky-spicy Miller Harris Limited Edition Fleur Oriental Incense Sticks (£28), which carry one of my all-time favourite scents but in even headier form. Instant bead curtain…but quite a luxe one, if such a thing existed (and believe me I’ve looked).

Fornasetti Profumi Incense Boxes

And then I discovered these Fornasetti Profumi Incense Boxes (£125 at Selfridges). And don’t try and tell me that a real-deal hippie would laugh in the face of such extravagance – I’ve read enough Crosby, Stills & Nash biographies to know how they roll. I expect they couldn’t smell much incense through the rivulets of cocaine but that’s a story for another time. For extra hippie cred you even get free pottery with these ones (I say pottery, but we’re really talking ceramic objets d’art, fresh from an atelier in Milan – in this case, a burning tray strewn with pansies, butterflies and, er, guns). And the fragrance itself? A hypnotic woody-herby swirl created by celebrated perfumer Olivier Polge, whose first foray into home fragrance this was. The stylish way to (incense) stick it to the man, no? Now if someone could just pass me my bong…


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