What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Comfort was this weekend’s watchword. Not so much the complexion kind (though that one’s likely to run and run as I continue to battle with my weather-ravaged face…more of that on Friday) but the soul-soothing sort. I’d like to add that I don’t actually theme my weekends in the way of a Sophie Dahl cookery show, just happened to have some nicely restorative beauty kit in my possession, following a couple of catch-up meetings with a few beauty Prs.

Plum By Mary Greenwell

I’ve written about comforting fragrances here, and how the forest-floor notes of a mossy chypre make great olfactory companions on a blustery day. I now have another to add to the list in Plum By Mary Greenwell (£60). It’s described as a classic chypre and I guess it’s the patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood notes that make it so, but I love it like I’ve never loved a scent from that particular family – in a can’t-get-close-enough, lick-your-own-wrist, take-out-a-restraining-order kind of way. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mary is a beyond-top make-up artist who (and this I didn’t know) often finishes off her models with a quick spritz of scent, chosen to fit the mood of whichever shoot she’s working on. So she’s conjured up her own and it smells glorious. With tuberose and gardenia, orange flower, jasmine, peach and…yes…plum, it’s warm and nuzzly, jam-like and musky.

Life NK Relaxing Essentials

I’ve also been messing about with a few bits from Space NK’s lifestyle range, Life NK…specifically the Relaxing Essentials Drift Away Bath & Shower Gel (£12.50) and Cocooning Body Lotion (£15). This isn’t knock-you-out, bend-your-mind aromatherapy along the lines of Aromatherapy Associates or This Works, more like baby powder for grown-ups. Soft, simple and undemanding – the kind of stuff that’s perfect for the bath you take before getting into a freshly made bed. You know when you’re ill, tired or hungover and nothing will do but soft-boiled eggs/When Harry Met Sally/insert your own feeble must-have here? That’s the way I feel about these.

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo

Finally, when a PR wordlessly slips a trio of frizz-fighters into your bag, you know she’s spotted the thick ropes of fuzz at the back of your head (there was a point last week at which I feared dreadlocks). And then I started running again yesterday after a two-week hiatus, and an hours-worth of city drizzle left my hair even more agitated than usual. Living Proof Frizz Shampoo (£18), Conditioner (£18) and Styling Cream (also £18) has soothed it back into something pretty passable (sleeker, with more of a swing and far less frazzled) and promises to keep it that way, thanks to special humidity-blocking technology. So far, so good…and another reason not to skip tomorrow’s run. Happy Monday!

3 Responses to “What Something Purty Wore This Weekend”
  1. Helen says:

    Does Living Proof actually work then? I’ve wanted it for months (as I am Queen Frizz) but have seen some bad reviews…

    • Well, I’ve had a good experience so far, but realised as I typed the prices in that if you were buying (rather than recieving from a PR) that they’d better deliver the goods. My blow dry was quicker and easier, and I’ve been out in a cold snap today and still no frizz. I will keep you posted, and in the meantime can also recommend Toni & Guy Catwalk Sleek Mystique, Ojon, Frederik Fekkai, a natural bristle barrel brush and a whoppingly expensive hair drier from WAM. Sent from my iPhone

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