I’m Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas

There’s something about a Christmas make-up collection. They’re beautiful and all, but I always want to look rather than touch. This year has seen some of the prettiest and most wearable yet but I haven’t poked in as much as a single finger. Until now…

Reindeer Kiss Palette

Bowwow! Magic Queen Palette

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Observe the marshmallow pinks! Look at the lanky-limbed line drawings! See how they kiss their festive reindeer friends tenderly on the nose! Welcome to the Shu Uemura Christmas Collection. It’s called Abracadabra Fantasy, was created with Japanese pop artist Aya Takano, and is filtering into the shops between now and next week – go, go, go!

Inside Bowwow! Magic Queen...

Blush Tint

It’s as wearable as it is want-able, too, especially the trio of molten metallic shadows in the Bowwow! Magic Queen Palette (£45), which are velvet-soft and dense with pigment (try them toughened up with a super-sharp line of black kohl, traced inside the lashes). I also love the Blush Tint in Miracle Cherry (£20) which dries a little slower than other gel-based blushers, giving you more time to work the tint into position.

For me, this is perfect Christmas make-up – cute, fresh-faced and a little bit twinkly rather than va-va-voom. When I grow up I will go to parties that require heels, Hervé Légere, and a full face of make-up. Until then I will sit at my laptop with gilded lids and google Japanese pop art. Just…if you do the same, watch out for the questionable one with the rabbit…


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