What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Earlier this year I wrote a book about hair. I learnt many things while writing that book, one of which being the importance of sectioning. For anyone who doesn’t know, sectioning involves dividing your hair into, well, sections. First into wedges taken from around your head in a kind of pie chart (like the cheeses in a plastic Trivial Pursuit counter) and then into layers, so that each section is divided into two or three more. Then you twist and clip each section out of the way to create manageable amounts of hair you can let down and work with (ie blow-dry/curl/straighten) one at a time (and if that doesn’t make perfect sense it’s because I wrote it at 6 a.m yesterday morning, when I may have been the tiniest bit hungover. So much so I mistook my own khaki-painted fingernail for a cockroach while unpacking the dishwasher. We don’t even have cockroaches. We do at least have a dishwasher, which is reassuring).

Anyway, knowing how to section (and having a proper set of sectioning clips like these) means I can now blow-dry my own hair and wear it down. After fifteen years of strangling it back into a bun, I’m still bumping into people who didn’t realise I even had hair.

Moroccanoil Large Ceramic Brush

And this weekend I met the Moroccanoil Large Barrel Ceramic Brush (£15.85), which has made me happier than I ever thought possible. See that orange bobble on the end? It’s a sectioning tool! Hidden away inside the handle! Really it’s just a long plastic pin, but using this to divide my hair into precise pieces rather than grabbing uneven chunks with my fingers has improved my blow-dry no end. Plus, the super-fat ceramic barrel has given my hair Chloe-girl amounts of bounce and shine. All of the above may not seem that revolutionary but you’re talking to someone who didn’t own a hairbrush of any description until ten months ago. Which may explain the fifteen-year bun but there you have it.


Biotherm Biocils

Also rocking my beauty world in rather an embarrassing way is…ta daa!…eye make up remover! In this case Biotherm Biocils (£14.50). While I’m scrupulous about double-cleansing my skin every evening I firmly believe that my face eats eye make-up. No matter how much I pile on in the morning there’s never a scrap left by bedtime. So I’ve never owned an eye make-up remover either. Shocking, no?

But then I attended a make-up tutorial at the Illamasqua flagship store last Thursday (more of this at a later date) and came home wearing at least fifteen stages of eye make-up and a whoppingly long set of false lashes. Happily I’d been given a bottle of the above only the day before and it’s really good! While I may not use the stuff often I can tell the difference between good/bad, harsh/gentle etcetera etcetera, and here I didn’t even have to do that hold-for-a-few-seconds thing before wiping away. Everything came off in one go (and we’re talking a serious heft of pencil, mascara, glitter and glue) leaving no smeary bits behind and no lashes of my own brutally torn from their sockets. I wear contact lenses too, so a product that can remove industrial amounts of make-up without irritating is another boon.

So now you know. I’m a grubby lush with a highly questionable grooming routine. But at least I don’t have cockroaches. Let’s never speak of this again, shall we?


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