Trick Of The Week…

Runway (Rather Than Runaway) Liner

My eyeliner and I have not been great friends this week. I like to wear it densely rimmed inside my lashes (top and bottom) but when the wind is this biting and my eyes water this much, it doesn’t stay put for long. Hoorah then for this week’s best discoveries, which (not counting the fact the the Aveda Institute in Holborn keeps bees on its roof…yes, bees!) are two new ways to keep it in check…

Ways With Liner #1: Easy – just use Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (£11). It’s tacky enough to grab onto your waterline (the stiff and shiny variety tend to slide straight off) and as the name suggests, stays on and on and on and…

Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner

Ways With Liner #2: Try what make-up artists apparently call ‘tight lining’, which means pressing the colour right into the roots of your lashes rather than tracing a line above or below them (and works as well with a natural look as it does with a big ol’ smoky eye). So, you take a cake or gel liner (anything in a pot or pan rather than a tube or pencil) and dip the very end of a wide, blunt lining brush (try the Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner, £22) head-on into the colour. Then tilting your head right back and looking into a mirror in front of you, press the colour up into the roots of your lashes from underneath. The idea here is to ‘stamp’ on the colour then move the brush along and stamp again until you’ve created an unbroken line – think printing not painting. Then do the same above the lashes, but again, aim the colour right into the roots rather than onto the skin above – this intensifies your lashline and makes your lashes look longer and thicker yet you’d never know there’s any eyeliner there.

And the clever weather-proofing bit? Leave a space at either end rather than taking the colour right up to the corners – that way, when your eyes start to water there’s a gap for the tears to get through and you won’t end up with liner all over your face! So obvious I’m quite mortified I couldn’t work it out for myself, and definitely a beauty tip worth leaving the house for.


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