Doing The Right Thing…

Anyone that knows me really, really well (like, my family, ex-boyfriends and maybe an old assistant or two) will tell you there’s not a good bone in my body. Sentimental, mawkish and feeble-minded maybe, but good? Not a hope.

All For Eve Facial Delay Oil by Alpha-H

Which is why I’m not telling you about All For Eve Age Delay Facial Oil by Alpha H because all net profits go The Eve Appeal, a charity that supports funding and research into gynaecological cancer, or because some of the most interesting beauty names around are creating exclusive products for the All For Eve brand (think nail polish by Sophy Robson and lipstick by Daniel Sandler) but because I’ve used it for a couple of years at least and it’s brilliant. It smells glorious (patchouli, lavender and chamomile, at once soothing and uplifting) and it makes your skin glow…especially if you’re of the dry, dehydrated or sensitive sort, or are starting to fret about fine lines.

My hope is that you’ll all rush to buy one, discover how wonderful it is and realise how very helpful I am…and I’m all about the selfish. In the process you’ll raise money for a very pressing cause, and if you’re just as selfish as I am then you’ll also appreciate the benefits of throwing cash at a charity that kind of comes right back at you.

Plus, while this special edition 50ml bottle will cost you £43, the regular 25ml bottle will cost you just as much. Go figure. Go buy.

2 Responses to “Doing The Right Thing…”
  1. Helen says:

    I need this. Urgently. You are, once more, my beauty guru.

  2. You do need this. In fact, you probably need the whole range…most people do!

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