What Something Purty Wore Last Weekend…

So, this was meant for Monday but right now I’m having a bit too much fun to blog. Yesterday? Picking expensive shiitake mushrooms out of a cobweb. Today? Inflating helium balloons at Oval for these kind people, alongside a Jack Russell in a high vis vest.

But I’m not so utterly fun-packed that I can’t find time to tell you about Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (£41) – it would be almost illegal not to, this stuff’s that good. Imagine a little pool of liquid glow right there in the palm of your hand. Then stick it on your skin (just after moisturising, for best effect) and whoa!…you suddenly look airbrushed in a totally real-person, dewy-but-not-shiny, pores?-never-heard-of-’em kind of way. And no matter how much you load on you never, ever seem to look made-up. Even now all I’m thinking about is when I can next shove another palm-full onto my face, the transformative properties are that gratifying to watch.

As OK’s Fashion & Beauty Editor Emma Gunavardhana says, ‘incredible stuff – everyone should own one’. End of.


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