What Something Purty Wore This (Christmas) Weekend…

Despite my best intentions Christmas itself came and went without a post – bar a pair of socks, bottle of absinthe and some scented candles over a week ago. So I’m hoping you won’t mind if I prise the stable door back open long after the Baby Jesus has bolted and slip in a few retrospective recommendations. With any luck I’ll catch you before your festive mood has melted, and anyhow, there’s New Year yet…

Nail Girls Gold #2

First up, the Nail Girls Christmas ’10 Colour Collection (£10 each). Despite the red-gold-and-green theme I didn’t recognise these as being at all Christmassy until I read the press release – and that’s a good thing, right? They’re clever little lacquers indeed – a deep pine-needle green that doesn’t look at all novelty once it’s on the nail, a velvety blood red that’s one of the smoothest I’ve used in a loooong time, an impossibly shiny black that’s delicately flecked with silver, and a foil-like gold that’s not at all garish (how this manages to look beautifully muted and thick with glitter leaves me foxed). The long and slender brushes are a boon – I tried another (very good) brand straight after and felt I was painting it on with a frayed tree stump in comparison. I’m also quite excited about The Healer (£10), which promises to repair nails that have been damaged by gels or acrylics. I’ve just gauged great lumps out of mine while digging off a long-lasting manicure so here’s hoping.

Lancôme French Touch

Also on a glittery tip (but only just) is Lancôme French Touch Cult Rouge Silky Cream in Cherry Kiki (that’s lipstick to you, and £23). I found this at the bottom of a big tumble of miscellaneous make-up so can’t tell you how new it is but  it’s right there on the website, along with some hilariously translated blurb (if you find it, please let me know whether it’s as fall-off-your-chair funny as I think). Anyway, apart from being ‘precious and nomadic with a standard-sized grape’ this is a beaut of a winter lipstick – a sheer and plummy red with almost imperceptible specks of iridescence that give you a bit more pout than you might otherwise have. And if this week’s cold snap has left your lips as broken as mine you might find this easier to wear than other formulations – it glosses nicely over dry areas and feels about as soothing as lipstick gets before it ceases to be lipstick and turns into tinted balm.

I’m going to stop there, in the hopes that there’s enough blog left in me for a couple more posts before the end of the year. And if I can get this up before Boxing Day sputters to a halt, I can still say Happy Christmas without seeming too tardy, can’t I…


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