A short post in which Something Purty is blindsided by her own good advice…

I had an old friend round for dinner on Sunday and at some point over the course of the evening happened to brush the back of her hand with mine, which felt something like cracked tarmac in comparison. Apparently I impressed upon her the importance of daily body brushing* over five years ago and she’s done it EVERY SINGLE DAY, EVER SINCE! That’s FIVE BLOODY YEARS of painstaking body brushing while I (despite writing about it on a monthly basis, pretty much) have done it precisely NO times whatsoever since then. Anyway, as we’d reached that late stage in the night when no-one else minds if two of their party start hoiking up their clothes and comparing body parts, I can report that she won on the count of softness, hands (and legs and arms) down.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying that I have started to body brush, and so should you. I’m using an ESPA Skin Brush (£16), which is just stiff enough to give me a freakish little kick first thing in the morning without leaving me yawping with pain. It might be wishful thinking but I’m only two days in and have already noticed a difference. So in five years time it’s everyone back to mine for a few bottles of cava and a quick stroke. Deal?

*For anyone who doesn’t know, your basic body brushing routine goes something like this: do it every morning before bathing/showering while skin is dry, work in quick, sweeping strokes (firm yet gentle) from the soles of your feet upwards, from your fingers and chest downwards (you should always be aiming in the direction of your heart) and around your belly button in circles. This will stimulate your circulation and lymph as well as soften your skin, apparently getting rid of cellulite and toxins to boot. A very good therapist once told me that this should take a full five minutes when done properly. I like to think she was having a laugh.


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