Another Short Post In Which Something Purty Is Embarrassingly Surprised When Something Actually Works Quite Well…

Wowee, but that’s some bee-yoo-tiful hair and make-up, no? I’ve been practising my swoopy fringe for a few weeks now and will let you know the minute I can pull it off without looking like a mentalist* but in the meantime I can offer you a sort-of-similar eye shadow. It’s not at all what was used at the Rodarte show (MAC Pigment in Golden Lemon, £15.50, if we’re going to get all precise about it) but Lancôme Ombre Magnétique in Disco Gold (£22.50) is new this month and I rather love it. It’s a warm and dirty gold with some super-fine flecks of glitter threaded through, and has that magic ability to look as if it’s been cleverly contoured into your sockets when all you’ve actually done is smooshed it over your lids with a finger – hopefully getting some wedged into the inner corners while you’re at it, which makes you look all fresh and wide-eyed, but in a smoulderingly sexy kind of way.

*Ahem. So, that hair? I just tried it again, this time with the eye make-up (but not the biscuity eyelashes, that would be odd) and wouldn’t you know it totally worked! I guess that’s the point. Duh.


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