What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Previously on Something Purty…remember that post about the swoopy-fringed ‘do at Rodarte? To be fair they’re not coming thick and fast right now so you won’t have to think back too far. Friday maybe? Anyhow, that hair…rumpled handfuls of the stuff, all thick, healthy and Virgin Suicide-like, untreated and undone. Here it is again, in fact…

Want some? Then you need Gielly Green Repair Shampoo (£16) and Repair Mask (£29.50). And yes, I would pay that much because this stuff’s golden. I used it twice last week and pretty much have a brand new head of hair right now – and I really do batter mine on a regular basis. And it’s not just silky-on-the-surface-brand-new, more rebuilt-from-the-inside-out-brand-new – thick, healthy, soft and cooperative. Apart from the screaming regrowth I’m currently sporting you’d think I’d never been within spitting distance of a colourist’s chair. And while we’re on expensive hair care, can we have a shout-out for Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray (£37)? I’m not expecting you to rush and buy this one, but just for the record, if you want something to protect a box-fresh blow-dry from frizz, fluff, static…even those pain-in-the-bum elastic band bumps, this is that very thing.

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