What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Actually that’s a big fat fib. This weekend, I didn’t try any of the stuff I’m about to rattle through in this (ahem) Monday morning round-up but I have (I promise) used it all at some point over the past few weeks…in some cases (take a bow, Bourjois) obsessively so and in others (stand up … Continue reading

Winter Body Post (And Giving Dry Skin The Elbow)

As curveballs go, red elbows is one I really didn’t expect. Disconcerting and not a little unattractive, no? If I was writing a fully-blown feature I’d probably call up a derm or summat, but it’s after hours and I’m drinking pinot grigio so there will be no expertise on tap this evening. Just me, me, … Continue reading