Winter Body Post (And Giving Dry Skin The Elbow)

As curveballs go, red elbows is one I really didn’t expect. Disconcerting and not a little unattractive, no? If I was writing a fully-blown feature I’d probably call up a derm or summat, but it’s after hours and I’m drinking pinot grigio so there will be no expertise on tap this evening. Just me, me, me. What happened to me and what I did about it, ok?

Which was hit up the Darphin press office for help. Come to think of it I did exactly the same thing around this time last year when my body unexpectedly exploded in a fit of pique and teeny-tiny red patches…there’s only so much winter it can take, clearly. And the Darphin press office responded then as now – by sending round a tube of Nourishing Smoothing Body Scrub (£36). And some really excellent body cream which has since been discontinued so we won’t speak of it except to say that a whole new body care range is apparently in the pipeline, which bodes well if the success of the scrub is in any way significant. And it’s the best scrub ever, it really is. A combination of the tiniest bamboo particles and silica powders make for a texture that’s tough enough to do some serious sloughing without leaving skin red-raw. Almost sandy in feel, in fact. And a whole host of oils (apricot, safflower, macadamia etc) leaves behind a pleasant slick of moisture. In short, curveball coarseness nixed and everywhere else glossy, comfortable and well-conditioned.

For afters, and just as restorative when winter skin is greedy for feeding is Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Body Elixir (£28). Like the Darphin, it’s unctuous and oily (wild rosehip and brazil nut in this instance) and leaves depleted limbs feeling brightened, cushioned and cared-for. And, like the Darphin it will cost you, but really, the tiniest bit goes on for ever (and I can sink a bottle of body lotion in under a week). The Wild Rose Beauty Balm (£35.25), which I’ve banged on about for years, does the same thing from the neck up and has long been my emergency remedy for bad behaviour. Late nights and sneaky fag-breaks, in your face. Or not, I suppose…


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