What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Actually that’s a big fat fib. This weekend, I didn’t try any of the stuff I’m about to rattle through in this (ahem) Monday morning round-up but I have (I promise) used it all at some point over the past few weeks…in some cases (take a bow, Bourjois) obsessively so and in others (stand up Carrière Frères) even as I write! See, the problem with trying to write a blog in real time is that there’s quite a lag between press launches and on-counter dates and by the time the latter comes round I’ve usually forgotten everything I learnt at the former. So today’s post is a way of mopping up a few things that will otherwise end up in the (already oversubscribed) graveyard of my best intentions if I don’t write about them RIGHT NOW!

Starting with (and no one’s more surprised than me by this one) lip gloss. Which I hate. I hate the way it looks, I hate the way it feels. I hate its vacuous and glitter-flecked inability to look its own impermanence in the face – what, you paint it on and it comes straight off again? Groovy. But Bourjois Effet 3D in Rouge Democratic (£6.99) has got me on the turn. It looks like jam! But feels like lipbalm! I simply cannot think of anything better…or of a better way of summing it up than…well…jam and lipbalm! Unless I were to say that it’s not sticky, not sparkly (there’s a scant suggestion but only enough to soup up the shine) and it’s sheer and gleaming rather than gloopy and stupidly-glossy. It’s the perfect raspberry-red (for a blonde with blue eyes, anyway), feels delicious (the old formula has just been rebooted for extra hydration, in fact), lasts for ages and I like it a lot.

Of course, what I really want to tell you about is my new Clarisonic Mia (like this, but smaller) but it’s not out til mid-March and rules are rules, even if they’re starting to seem totally pointless and were made up by me so could easily be broken by the same. In its stead, would you take a glow-giving foundation? Because it’s the next best thing to the pristine gleam I’ve been getting from the Mia these past few days. It’s Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Light (£30.50) and is so good that even a shade that was patently wrong for my skin-tone made me look gobsmackingly flawless. Possibly because I did an unusually thorough amount of buffing and blending, thanks to the foam applicator at the business end, through which the light and luminous foundation ekes itself out and gets worked into your skin . It feels deliciously smooth and you must try it.

Next up, Chinese New Year. Which was actually last week so the timely post I’d planned isn’t quite so timely anymore. But no matter – perhaps you missed it and would like to celebrate this week?  In which case may I recommend the Carrière Frères Industrie Scented Candle in Chinese Litchi (£30) which comes (as all the best scented candles seem to) from the United Perfumes group. This one smells sweet and perfume-y but not overly so, and a little bit fresh and succulent too – I’m burning it now and it’s making me feel quite content. I also love the accompanying fact sheet that was sent out with the candle, encouraging me to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by putting up my feet, eating sweets, wearing new clothes and doing absolutely NO cleaning or sweeping. I can’t quite remember what I did last Thursday but it probably involved most of those things…though I’m a bit worried I might have tidied the kitchen, which means that I have swept all our good fortune right out of the back door. But it’s safe to assume I ate enough sweets to balance it all out, well done me.

Ok, so that’s done now. And for the rest of the week? I’ll be writing up some long overdue beige nail polish, orange eyeshadow and mood-boosting supplements, just see if I don’t…


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