Ok, so I’ve had some time off. Quite a lot of time off, in fact…like a month or summat? But I’m back and this time I reeeeaaaally mean it (those posts about orange eyeshadow, beige nails and happy pills never did materialise, did they?). Anyhow, I’m breaking myself back in with a few mini-blogs. This one’s quite a swindle really, nothing more than a couple of links. But I’ve been enjoying some American blogs lately and often pick up some beauty gems thereby, so let’s do this thing…

First up, Sachajuan Volume Powder (available here and here by the end of April) as recommended by fuchsia-lipped, stripe-loving, Brooklyn-based blogger Heart Charlie. I love this clean and beautiful blog and I love this dry shampoo, particularly on days when I’m not feeling quite so clean and beautiful (hello Friday morning, my old fuzzy-brained friend). It’s also helping me handle the bubble-headed bob I let my hairdresser talk me into while I was wearing a particularly brave shade of red lipstick. Without said red I look a leetle bit prim, like I’m on my way to a toddler’s birthday bash. A bit of muss at the roots works wonders, and while there are an awful lot of good dry shampoos out there this one has a tremendous amount of hold, doesn’t look at all powdery and is bracingly icy on the scalp. I hesitate to brag but I look and feel almost human this morning.

Next up is Nars Lipstick in Heatwave (£17.50), as used throughout the campaign for  J.Crew’s Spring ’11 collection and spotted by the gracious and eagle-eyed Happenstance.

There’s nothing I don’t love about this line, but following a run-in with some cost-price Tibi I’m having to make do with the lipstick. It’s one of those orangey-reds that look especially fresh and modern and I’ve been wearing it non-stop (yes, yes, this was the one that spawned the bob). It’s a semi-matte so neither chalky nor sloppy, and it makes for perfect daywear, especially in the tentative spring sunshine (don’t ask me why, I’d have to ask a make-up artist and then we’ll never get this post over with).

Incidentally, if you wanted to give J.Crew’s beautifully pouffy and side-swept pony a go, Sajachuan’s Volume Powder would be the very thing. Having next to no hair left I’m not even going to try – there’s an awful sort of poetry in that, no?

Oh, and Happy Friday. I’ve missed you. Maybe see you later?

One Response to “Ahem…”
  1. Hoooray for Sachajuan volume 😉 Love the pics of the girls and I LOVE NARS 😉

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