Mini Blog, Micro Trend (or you never bring me flowers)…

Did I say micro? Think teeny-tiny, a mere speck of a trend, barely visible in fact. But c’mon, it’s peonies! And who doesn’t love a peony! Bobbi Brown does, see…*

This is the limited edition Peony & Python Palette (£38) from the new Tibi collaboration, and a beautiful thing it is too, with a couple of peony-inspired purples shot through with highly wearable greys. Though my favourite piece from the collection is actually the Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara in Plum (£18) – the maroon-ish hue gives the coolly graceful shades in the palette a slightly off-kilter kick, and the lengthening effect is feathery and elegant rather than fat and faux. There’s a black one too, but let’s live a little, huh?

Also channeling the beautiful and blowsy bloom is Decléor’s new Aroma White C+ skincare, a box-fresh brightening range that uses peony extract to fade pigmentation marks and age spots. A lifetime of turning my face recklessly to the sun has left me blighted with the former (though scrupulous use of SPF and Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, £38, has made a great deal of difference) so I’m verrrrry excited about this one, especially as the Intense Brightening Mask (£40 for 5) has already given my skin some temporary clarity and glow. I’m not going to give you a picture as it’s one of those terrifying fabric faces that never look particularly pleasing on the page, but here, have a Protective Brightening Day Emulsion instead (£44), and don’t say I never bring you flowers.

*For the record, so do I, as my highly-organized boyfriend entered into his iphone when we first met (‘favourite flowers: peonies’). Also for the record, we’re two years in and I still haven’t received any. Just saying…

One Response to “Mini Blog, Micro Trend (or you never bring me flowers)…”
  1. kia says:

    the palette looks lovely, I think purple looks really nice on eyes! x

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