Meet Something Purty

Here at Something Purty we’re all about the weekend. From how to look Français for the day to which new scents work best at brunch, you’ll find a fresh take on off-duty beauty here every Friday afternoon, along with a smattering of new buys to make your two-day break go with an especially beautiful bang. And if you want to get a little closer, follow somethingpurty on Twitter (just over there to the right, see?) for a heads-up on the experts we’ve been talking to, the stories we’re mulling over, and the purtiest launches we’ve been invited to lately. See you on Friday!

Alexandra Friend is a freelancing beauty editor with ten-years-plus of writing and styling under her belt. You might also have seen her byline in Sunday Times Style, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Marie Claire Health & Beauty, Elle, ES, Fabulous, She, Shape, Psychologies, Now and Heathrow Traveller.

(Banner illustration by Rachel Goslin:

One Response to “Meet Something Purty”
  1. Stacey Dawson says:

    Hi Alex – I hope you are well.
    We would like to send you a couple of invitations and products to review. Could you please email me some contact details if possible?
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Best Wishes

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