Mini Blog, Micro Trend (or you never bring me flowers)…

Did I say micro? Think teeny-tiny, a mere speck of a trend, barely visible in fact. But c’mon, it’s peonies! And who doesn’t love a peony! Bobbi Brown does, see…* This is the limited edition Peony & Python Palette (£38) from the new Tibi collaboration, and a beautiful thing it is too, with a couple … Continue reading


Ok, so I’ve had some time off. Quite a lot of time off, in fact…like a month or summat? But I’m back and this time I reeeeaaaally mean it (those posts about orange eyeshadow, beige nails and happy pills never did materialise, did they?). Anyhow, I’m breaking myself back in with a few mini-blogs. This … Continue reading

Another Short Post In Which Something Purty Is Embarrassingly Surprised When Something Actually Works Quite Well…

Wowee, but that’s some bee-yoo-tiful hair and make-up, no? I’ve been practising my swoopy fringe for a few weeks now and will let you know the minute I can pull it off without looking like a mentalist* but in the meantime I can offer you a sort-of-similar eye shadow. It’s not at all what was … Continue reading

Friday Post: Three Takes On Naked

Whoa there, I mean make-up, ‘kay? The naked face. As in nude lipstick, beige eyeshadow, barely-there foundation. Sheesh, I do one tiny post about getting your kit off way back in November and suddenly I’m Linda Lovelace? Not a day goes by without someone reaching Something Purty through search engine terms like ‘black silky thong’, … Continue reading

Friday Post…Pick Up A Palette

God, but make-up palettes used to be boring, didn’t they? Yet right now I have at least four or five of the latest limited editions up and running in my make-up trunk (yes I said trunk, what did you expect?), each more beautiful and (here’s the kicker) more wearable than the last – the kind … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week…

There’s a lot of love for Bobbi Brown on these pages. So much so that I’ve stopped alerting the PR office to any mentions – it’s getting a bit embarrassing. Not quite as embarrassing as missing the beginning of their last presentation because I was trying on a dress in the ladies loo, but there … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This (Christmas) Weekend…

Despite my best intentions Christmas itself came and went without a post – bar a pair of socks, bottle of absinthe and some scented candles over a week ago. So I’m hoping you won’t mind if I prise the stable door back open long after the Baby Jesus has bolted and slip in a few … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore Last Weekend…

So, this was meant for Monday but right now I’m having a bit too much fun to blog. Yesterday? Picking expensive shiitake mushrooms out of a cobweb. Today? Inflating helium balloons at Oval for these kind people, alongside a Jack Russell in a high vis vest. But I’m not so utterly fun-packed that I can’t … Continue reading

Which Beauty Tribe Are You?

What with this being a real-time blog and all, I’m not quite ready to crack open the spring trends just yet. But until that heady day, here’s something rather lovely I heard this afternoon from MAC’s Director Of Make-Up Artistry Terry Barber, who apparently spent the last run of shows observing the fashion tribes at … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Can we get a shout-out for Saturday here, for it was then that (after weeks of fretting over my pale and drawn complexion) my glow finally got its mojo back. There’s been a lot of restoration work going on in my bathroom (all lovingly detailed here and here) but I credit Emma Hardie Amazing Face … Continue reading