Mini Blog, Micro Trend (or you never bring me flowers)…

Did I say micro? Think teeny-tiny, a mere speck of a trend, barely visible in fact. But c’mon, it’s peonies! And who doesn’t love a peony! Bobbi Brown does, see…* This is the limited edition Peony & Python Palette (£38) from the new Tibi collaboration, and a beautiful thing it is too, with a couple … Continue reading

Doing The Right Thing…

Anyone that knows me really, really well (like, my family, ex-boyfriends and maybe an old assistant or two) will tell you there’s not a good bone in my body. Sentimental, mawkish and feeble-minded maybe, but good? Not a hope. Which is why I’m not telling you about All For Eve Age Delay Facial Oil by … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

I went to a party this weekend. And an after-party, and an after-after-party. All told, that’s around 48 hours of bad behaviour yet somehow I looked fresher when I fell through the front door on Sunday night than when I’d skipped out of it on Friday afternoon. Here’s how… Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Can we get a shout-out for Saturday here, for it was then that (after weeks of fretting over my pale and drawn complexion) my glow finally got its mojo back. There’s been a lot of restoration work going on in my bathroom (all lovingly detailed here and here) but I credit Emma Hardie Amazing Face … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend…

Earlier this year I wrote a book about hair. I learnt many things while writing that book, one of which being the importance of sectioning. For anyone who doesn’t know, sectioning involves dividing your hair into, well, sections. First into wedges taken from around your head in a kind of pie chart (like the cheeses in a … Continue reading

Friday Post: Some Basic (But Splendidly Helpful, I Hope) Winter Skincare

My face hasn’t been having much fun lately. A couple of weeks ago it shut up shop, pulled down the blinds and went home for the holidays, leaving nothing but a husk behind. Dull, dry and utterly lifeless. I made rather a lot of fuss about it at the time but in retrospect am not … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

This morning’s post is held together with a great deal of self-pity, a couple of care packages and big dab of shea butter, so best not to look too closely as it’s liable to collapse at any second. Yup, Something Purty has been in the wars this weekend, and were it not for the following, … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Which of these makes me less of a beauty editor…cycling 55km to Kent and back in unfashionable trainers and ten year old jogging pants, or sinking a bottle of Rioja, a pumpkin risotto and an apple crumble in the pub afterwards? Whatever, I have a chapped face to show for it, and while the Rioja … Continue reading