Another Short Post In Which Something Purty Is Embarrassingly Surprised When Something Actually Works Quite Well…

Wowee, but that’s some bee-yoo-tiful hair and make-up, no? I’ve been practising my swoopy fringe for a few weeks now and will let you know the minute I can pull it off without looking like a mentalist* but in the meantime I can offer you a sort-of-similar eye shadow. It’s not at all what was … Continue reading

Friday Post: Three Takes On Naked

Whoa there, I mean make-up, ‘kay? The naked face. As in nude lipstick, beige eyeshadow, barely-there foundation. Sheesh, I do one tiny post about getting your kit off way back in November and suddenly I’m Linda Lovelace? Not a day goes by without someone reaching Something Purty through search engine terms like ‘black silky thong’, … Continue reading