Treat Of The Week…

There’s a lot of love for Bobbi Brown on these pages. So much so that I’ve stopped alerting the PR office to any mentions – it’s getting a bit embarrassing. Not quite as embarrassing as missing the beginning of their last presentation because I was trying on a dress in the ladies loo, but there … Continue reading

I’m Dreaming Of A Kawaii Christmas

There’s something about a Christmas make-up collection. They’re beautiful and all, but I always want to look rather than touch. This year has seen some of the prettiest and most wearable yet but I haven’t poked in as much as a single finger. Until now… Now that’s what I’m talking about. Observe the marshmallow pinks! … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week #1…..

There’s an insidious rumour in my family that I’m some sort of hippie. To which I say if you rear your child on a diet of early Yes and walking holidays in the Brecon Beacons, and never ever let them have crispy pancakes for tea, what do you expect? But Mum, Dad, I wear shoes … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

At the risk of cannibalising a couple of posts I’m sitting on, I must tell you, this very instant, that you are nothing this Christmas…and I mean nothing…without Bobbi Brown Glitter Eyeliner in Gold (£14.50) and Metallic Lip Color in Jewel Red (£15.50). In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I have cut … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week (Part 2)!

On your right, a black sequined sweater from Top Shop. On your left, a trio of black-ish, sequined-ish nail lacquers, also from Top Shop. Please note the uncanny similarity between the two, and marvel when I tell you that a press release from Top Shop’s lovely beauty PR alerting me to the latter arrived the … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

I can’t look at these rainbow-toned beauties (£40 each) without thinking of Doris Lessing’s doorstop-sized tome The Golden Notebook, in which heroine Anna Wulf divvies up her diaries into four separate sections and records each in a different coloured book. I won’t take this particular line of thought much further because (if I remember correctly) … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

Oh for a macaron right now. Oh for Monday, when the macaron of all macarons, the John Galliano Macaron, arrives at Ladurée, all rosy and gingery, in boxes of six, eight or eighteen (I’ll supersize please…just for the box, you understand….for the storage). In the meantime, I’ll settle for a rich tea and Chantecaille’s gloriously … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

Miller Harris, are you listening? My home has a fragrance-shaped hole in it that can only be filled with a full-sized version of Bois Fumé, the woody-smoky-spicy centerpiece of your trio of Christmas candle minis. Oh, you’re launching one this week, you say? For £29, available here? Please, as you were….

Treat Of The Week!

Time to fast-track a bit of Christmas to the brain? I’m taking the imminent arrival of the Starbucks Red Cups (ohhhhhh yes, any day now) as an official go-ahead to talk Philosophy. That’s in a bath-time (not Barthes-time) kind of way, which is much my preferred way of mulling things over. Mulling? I thought you’d … Continue reading