Best Of Purty

Want to make your weekend a purtier place to be? Here’s over ten year’s-worth (and still counting) of good-time beauty booty...

A pot-full of instant glow from the most charming man in LA (he’ll touch your knee and tell you secrets).

This Company Molecule 01

We’re too coy to tell you what this really smells of, but…ok…it’s sex. Yup, it smells of sex. Buy it, really.

If bees had dreams, they’d probably smell just like this lip balm.

Miller Harris Scented Candle in Fleur Oriental

If we ever get as far as Madame Tussauds, we will insist our likeness is fashioned from this.

We don’t get out of bed for anything less than these. Or these. Or even these.

From a celebrated therapist who can re-shape your face with her fingers, this cleansing balm is a fragrant soul-soother that leaves skin gleaming.

This body scrub is delicious. You are delicious. So you must have it.

People will point when you wear this. In a good way, because you will look fresh-faced and bee-yoo-tiful.

MAC BlushCreme

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Apom Homme

Make your boyfriend wear this. He will smell of manly violets and you will love him a little bit more.

Inside this pot is a brand new face, just for you. You’re welcome.

Once you’ve soaked in a tub of these, you’ll realise Sunday nights have been dead to you till now.

This cream blush will make you look super-cute.

Imagine if they made a mirrored underlay for your skin. This two-step facial peel is the next best thing.


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