Friday Post…Pick Up A Palette

God, but make-up palettes used to be boring, didn’t they? Yet right now I have at least four or five of the latest limited editions up and running in my make-up trunk (yes I said trunk, what did you expect?), each more beautiful and (here’s the kicker) more wearable than the last – the kind … Continue reading

Friday Post: A Way With Christmas Candles

Living with a joy refusenik means Christmas has yet to make an appearance round my way. We have a wreath on the door and an open box of Cadbury’s Heroes but as yet no tree, fairy lights or Ocado order. There may be pastry-based snacks, but absolutely no carols or family members at any stage. … Continue reading

Trick Of The Week…

My eyeliner and I have not been great friends this week. I like to wear it densely rimmed inside my lashes (top and bottom) but when the wind is this biting and my eyes water this much, it doesn’t stay put for long. Hoorah then for this week’s best discoveries, which (not counting the fact … Continue reading