Blog To Self…

Do some work, for Purty’s sake! (and isn’t this Miller Harris Wallpaper in Pale Grey Pom Flower Damask, £75 a roll, the most cheering of back-to-the-office antidotes?) Advertisements

Friday Post: A Way With Christmas Candles

Living with a joy refusenik means Christmas has yet to make an appearance round my way. We have a wreath on the door and an open box of Cadbury’s Heroes but as yet no tree, fairy lights or Ocado order. There may be pastry-based snacks, but absolutely no carols or family members at any stage. … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week #1…..

There’s an insidious rumour in my family that I’m some sort of hippie. To which I say if you rear your child on a diet of early Yes and walking holidays in the Brecon Beacons, and never ever let them have crispy pancakes for tea, what do you expect? But Mum, Dad, I wear shoes … Continue reading

Friday Post: What Does Your Weekend Smell Like?

(or what to wear at brunch tomorrow) Fragrance: get it right and you’ve found your second skin, but get it wrong and you’re stuck in the olfactory equivalent of a jumper that’s two sizes too small, or wearing a wholly inappropriate heel when everyone around you is in flats. While there’s never a good time … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

Miller Harris, are you listening? My home has a fragrance-shaped hole in it that can only be filled with a full-sized version of Bois Fumé, the woody-smoky-spicy centerpiece of your trio of Christmas candle minis. Oh, you’re launching one this week, you say? For £29, available here? Please, as you were….