Caught By The Fuzz…

When the very wonderful and erudite catwalk and session stylist Malcolm Edwards says anything…anything at all…about what we’ll all be doing with our hair next season, we listen. Even if it involves crimping. Because, says Malcolm, crimping (especially when combined with a little bit of teasing) is the very best way to achieve the dry, … Continue reading

Friday Post: Kay Montano’s Daytime Red Lip

There’s something about a red lip in the daytime. While I’d rarely wear red in the evening, a quick whip of scarlet on a Saturday afternoon is a non sequitur of a make-up gesture that I really love – a little bit unnecessary, and remarkably cheering when you’re grubbing around in jeans and a jumper. … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week (Part 2)!

On your right, a black sequined sweater from Top Shop. On your left, a trio of black-ish, sequined-ish nail lacquers, also from Top Shop. Please note the uncanny similarity between the two, and marvel when I tell you that a press release from Top Shop’s lovely beauty PR alerting me to the latter arrived the … Continue reading