Winter Body Post (And Giving Dry Skin The Elbow)

As curveballs go, red elbows is one I really didn’t expect. Disconcerting and not a little unattractive, no? If I was writing a fully-blown feature I’d probably call up a derm or summat, but it’s after hours and I’m drinking pinot grigio so there will be no expertise on tap this evening. Just me, me, … Continue reading

A short post in which Something Purty is blindsided by her own good advice…

I had an old friend round for dinner on Sunday and at some point over the course of the evening happened to brush the back of her hand with mine, which felt something like cracked tarmac in comparison. Apparently I impressed upon her the importance of daily body brushing* over five years ago and she’s … Continue reading

A Bum Deal…

This week, I will be mostly standing up. Partly because it hurts too much to sit down but mainly because I was given the pert little backside of a teenager on Monday and I’d rather everyone took a good look while it lasts. I am bruised and battered but my jeans are dangling gratifyingly from … Continue reading

What Something Purty Wore This Weekend

Comfort was this weekend’s watchword. Not so much the complexion kind (though that one’s likely to run and run as I continue to battle with my weather-ravaged face…more of that on Friday) but the soul-soothing sort. I’d like to add that I don’t actually theme my weekends in the way of a Sophie Dahl cookery … Continue reading

Friday Post: Three Steps To Buck Naked

Time to whack up the central heating, Something Purty’s feeling frisky. Yup, this weekend we’re all about how to look lovely in the altogether. But because we know you’re not that kind of girl, we’ll take it slowly…and oh…what a pretty frock you’re wearing! Mark Fast? ‘Those dresses are a lot stronger than they look,’ … Continue reading

Treat Of The Week!

Time to fast-track a bit of Christmas to the brain? I’m taking the imminent arrival of the Starbucks Red Cups (ohhhhhh yes, any day now) as an official go-ahead to talk Philosophy. That’s in a bath-time (not Barthes-time) kind of way, which is much my preferred way of mulling things over. Mulling? I thought you’d … Continue reading